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Discover our pioneering process sensor technology at Hamilton Process Analytics. We are dedicated to enhancing the understanding and control of Critical Process Parameters and process Key Performance Indicators to solve bioprocess challenges.

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Process Analytics Sensor Solutions

Designed for bioprocesses in biopharma and other industries, our in-line process analytics sensor solutions offer real-time measurement of critical process parameters and key performance indicators.

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Innovative Process Analytics Solutions

At Hamilton, we strive to continuously enable the global life sciences community with cutting-edge sensor technologies and engineering innovations in process analytics solutions. This is the core of our mission and defines Hamilton — who we are, what we do — our purpose.

Co2ntrol sensor

CO2NTROL Carbon Dioxide Sensor

Experience maintenance-free, real-time, and in-line automated control of Dissolved Carbon Dioxide with the CO₂NTROL sensor. Made specifically for bioproduction, the CO₂NTROL solid-state sensor enables increased titer and more consistency when measuring dissolved carbon dioxide.

  • Hygienic Design
    Compliant with all requirements of biopharma applications
  • Maintenance Free
    No electrolytes or consumables
  • Arc Technology
    Wireless connectivity and integrated electronics

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Visiferm rs485 sensor

VisiFerm RS485 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Experience simplified efficiency and precision with the VisiFerm RS485 dissolved oxygen sensor. Equipped with integrated opto-electronics, it ensures low maintenance and reliable performance.

  • Direct Connection to PCS
    No additional transmitter required
  • Simplified Maintenance
    No sensitive membrane or corrosive electrolyte
  • Rapid Startup
    No polarization time

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Dencytee arc sensor

Dencytee Arc Total Cell Density Sensor

Experience precise, real-time, in-situ measurement of total cell density with the Dencytee Arc sensor. Suitable for both low and high cell density applications, it reduces the need for off-line sampling and seamlessly expands the reliable optical density measurement range.

  • Robust Design
    Adapts to changes in ambient light and temperature
  • Absolute accuracy
    < ±1% accuracy over the whole measuring range from 0 to 200 g/L
  • Easy Verification
    Easy air verification with our Maintanance Tool Kit

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The Power of In-Line Intelligent Sensors

Transform production with Hamilton's Arc intelligent sensors. Redefining sensor-transmitter dynamics, Arc Intelligent sensors drive operational enhancements and cost reductions, optimizing traditional sensor management.

What our Customers are Saying

We value the versatility and ease of integration of the Dencytee Arc system.

In our QbD-centered PAT ecosystem, which requires frequent adaptation to different bioprocess modes and R&D setups, we especially value the versatility and ease of integration of the Dencytee Arc system.

Lukas Neutsch Lukas Neutsch, ZHAW - Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften

We particularly appreciated the professional and personable approach.

The training on pH sensors was highly beneficial for us. After a detailed introduction to the fundamentals of pH measurement, electrode measurement principles, and the topic of troubleshooting/prevention, we had sufficient time to ask our specific questions. This enabled us to apply what we learned immediately and integrate it directly into our laboratory routine. We particularly appreciated the professional and personable approach of Mrs. Näf-Rüdiger, who guided us through the informative and application-oriented training session.

Romy Alisch, Wissenschaftlerin, Novozymes Berlin GmbH, Germany

Great opportunity for us to engage in discussions with Hamilton experts.

For us and our bioprocesses, it was crucial to learn more about optical sensors (O2, CO2) and exchange experiences in troubleshooting. The online seminar was a great opportunity for us to engage in discussions with the experts from Hamilton.

Patrick Berthel, Technischer Assistent, Leibniz-Institut für Naturstoff-Forschung und Infektionsbiologie, Jena, Germany

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Download our comprehensive white paper and explore what PAT means in Biopharma Upstream processes. Discover cutting-edge solutions to effectively monitor critical process parameters and ensure product quality.


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