The Power of In-Line Cell Density Measurement

The value of continuous, in-line cell density measurement has been long known in the bioprocessing world as evidenced by the prominence of on-line pH, DO, and similar sensors. Understanding cell growth is possibly the most important parameter of a bioprocess (cell culture or fermentation) and yet is commonly measured at discrete time points only. With Hamilton's selection of cell density sensors, the power of on-line measurement can be utilized for continuous, real-time viable and total cell density analysis.

Viable Cell Density Sensors

Incyte Arc sensors provide a means for directly measuring viable cell density in real-time, meeting the increasing need for PAT in the biopharmaceutical industry. Clear, instantly available information ensures critical events that could have been missed between off-line samples are now immediately recognizable.

Dencytee Total Cell Density Sensors

Total cell density (TCD) measurement by the Dencytee sensor is based on the optical density, or the turbidity of a suspension at NIR wavelengths. The Dencytee sensor has a wide measuring range of TCD.

How Does Cell Density Measurement Work?

Many parameters like pH and dissolved oxygen can be monitored in-line but those directly related to cell physiology are typically time consuming offline measurements that require many manual steps. Total and Viable Cell Density measurement is now possible in-line with a new breed of sensors. Learn more about saving time and effort and increasing productivity and process understanding with in-line cell density sensors in the video below.

Will Hamilton Cell Density Sensors Work With My Process?

Hamilton cell density sensors are compatible with many types of cell lines and microbial strains, process types, and industries. Read more below or download our Cell Density Applications eBook to see real data with different cell lines and process types.


Specific Applications


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