Arc: The Power to Connect

Arc tools can be used to rethink sensor management and eliminate the shortcomings of at-line transmitters. Computers and mobile devices equipped with ArcAir software can communicate wirelessly with up to 31 sensors and streamline configuration, calibration, and other common workflows.

Arc Air software

ArcAir Software

ArcAir Software for configuration, calibration, troubleshooting and more.
Arc Wi 2G Adapter BT

Arc Wireless Adapters

Add Bluetooth wireless communication to any existing Arc or ECS sensor.
Hamilton Arc View Mobile

Arc Mobile Devices

Arc View Mobile tablets come loaded with ArcAir Advanced Software and can be used throughout the facility.
Arc Wireless Converter Bluetooth

USB Converters

USB converters provide wired or wireless connectivity to Arc sensors through a PC running ArcAir
Arc sensor cables

Arc USB Power Cables

Arc USB power cables allow a wired connection for PCs running ArcAir software

The Arc Modbus Converter Portfolio

Hamilton ARC Converters are gateway devices designed to seamlessly integrate Hamilton Arc RS485 Modbus RTU protocol with various other industrial communication protocols, including Profibus DP, Profinet, and OPC UA.

Anatomy of an Arc Sensor

Arc sensor technology offers a new way to think about how sensors are installed and managed by eliminating the transmitter. Click on the headers to the right below to learn more.

Specific Applications


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