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Process Analytics and OEMs

Hamilton Process Analytics is the right choice for companies looking to expand their offering. Our product line includes the following measurement technologies:

  • pH / ORP
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Conductivity
  • Cell Density

OEM Capabilities

Process sensors capabilities include everything from basic Hamilton products to full-on customized sensors with private labeling. Some of our more common options are shown below.

Oem Arc Sensors

Arc Sensors

Arc intelligent sensors are ideal for OEM customers. Arc technology does not require a separate external transmitter thus offer significant product design cost savings. The sensor output includes traditional 4-20 mA analog as well as Modbus digital communication. Modbus is an open protocol that can be adapted into the OEM control system so all traditional functionality for calibration, configuration, and diagnostics can be integrated into the existing controller.


Hamilton Custom Products

Hamilton has a large variety of custom engineered products that can fit your unique applications. You won't find these products on the website as they are typically small run, application specific. Think you require something beyond the norm? Contact Hamilton Technical Support as we might already have something that works in your process.


Private Label

If you are ready to fully promote your brand then Hamilton offers private labeling of OEM products. Private label options include package labeling, sensor labeling, and customized documentation. Private label products require some commitments for volumes and inventory but can be the right choice to help expand your business.

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