Hamilton syringe pumps are commonly used for precise transfer of samples and reagents, bulk dispensing, and enable processes where accurate dispenses are a must. The positive displacement syringe enables users to dispense liquids with high accuracy and precision. Due to the incompressibility of liquid, Hamilton syringe pumps maintain high accuracy and precision independent of liquid and environmental factors like surface tension, viscosity, humidity, hydrostatic pressure, and barometric pressure.

PSD/4 Syringe Pump

The PSD/4 syringe pump is a popular choice for customers looking for a high precision syringe pump with a small footprint, at an economical price. This half-height (30 mm syringe) pump is available with a variety of different motor and gearing options.

PSD/6 Syringe Pump

The PSD/6 syringe pump is the full-height (60 mm syringe) version of a PSD/4. The additional syringe length increases pumping capacity and can have up to 384,000 steps of resolution.

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