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Powerful Sample Management Software for Automated Storage Platforms

INSTINCT S is Hamilton's powerful, easy-to-use lab sample management software that allows users to run daily operations with minimal training. The sample management software is available across all Hamilton automated sample storage platforms - Verso Q-Series, Verso, SAM HD, and BiOS systems. INSTINCT S covers all of your freezer inventory software needs.

Features and Benefits of INSTINCT S Storage Automation Software

  • Run daily operations with the single click of a button
  • Operate the system with minimal training
  • Set up automated inventory, access control, and full audit trails to keep track of samples
  • The Job Management engine allows jobs to run at different priorities, with the ability to pause and resume
  • Control the system remotely using your smartphone or tablet (Verso Q-Series only)
  • Use the powerful Application Programming Interface (API) to interact directly with a LIMS or with Hamilton liquid handling workstations
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Simple Laboratory Information Management System Integration

Our RESTful-based API allows for easy integration with your laboratory information management system (LIMS).

Some examples for successful integration with LIMS and sample management software using our API include Titian Mosaic, LabWare LIMS, and Labvantage, to name just a few.

The API includes many functionalities that are available on the user interface, such as:

  • Job Management - create, modify, cancel, or pause jobs
  • Sample Inventory - information on the sample in the system or historical placement of the sample
  • Notifications - inform the LIMS when a job has changed states, or when a sample has been moved into or removed from the storage system to help keep the LIMS synchronized with the physical state

Service & Support for Hamilton Storage Automation Software

Hamilton Storage is available to help you with your automated sample management needs. For service and support, choose from one of the options below.
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Consult with Hamilton Storage to Automate your Sample Management Workflow

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