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When our customers invest in an automated storage system from Hamilton, they have high expectations for quality and reliability. Hamilton has established a worldwide Technical Support Team to ensure fast response times when maintenance or service is required.

Technical Support

Our highly skilled Technical Support Team can provide customers with phone support, log on to their systems remotely, or visit customers on-site to resolve any issues that may arise. Whether you need a quick answer via phone, or an on-site visit, the Technical Support Team is there to assist.

Service Contracts

Service Contracts help extend the reliability of your system and allow service costs to be budgeted in advance. Under these contracts, the Technical Support Team can perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to help maintain your equipment beyond the warranty period.

Product Training

We provide product training for both day-to-day users and service technicians. User level training trains users on system operations, and service training qualifies technicians to perform preventive maintenance, diagnostic troubleshooting, and emergency repairs.