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Automated Liquid Handling Equipment:
Four Platforms, Unlimited Solutions

Hamilton Robotics provides solutions for fully automated workflows. Our automated liquid handler workstations provide consistent results for assays, ranging from low-throughput pipetting protocols to high-throughput systems with integrated sample storage.

Liquid Handling Equipment Benefits

Providing the ideal automation solution for your laboratory.

Sample Traceability

Barcode scanning options, combined with the ability to verify sample transfers with a traceable, digital-audit trail, provide sample tracking and chain-of-custody processing for your assays.

Optimized Workflows

Increase operator walk-away time with proven pipetting solutions, flexible options for labware transportation, and integrated modules for more fully automated workflows.

Consistent Results

Hamilton’s patented pipetting technologies are the foundation of precision and reliability for accurate, repeatable pipetting.

Services and Support

Hamilton is fully staffed to support your robotic pipetting platform from pre-installation through years of service. Nothing should stand in the way of a powerful automation solution in your lab. To learn more about the support services at Hamilton or to request support for your workstation, first choose the automated liquid handling platform:

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