Hamilton Automated Liquid Handlers

Hamilton Robotics provides liquid handling systems for fully automated workflows. Our automated liquid handling robots provide consistent results for assays, ranging from low-throughput pipetting protocols to high-throughput systems. Our premier lab automation platforms work with integrated sample storage to ensure the highest accuracy for your pipetting workflows.

Additional Liquid Handling Products

Hamilton provides a broad range of additional products to enhance your liquid handling automation workflow. From our patented pipette tips and consumables to small devices and accessories, we offer a wide selection of solutions to help you meet your specific needs.

Liquid Handling Accessories


CO-RE Paddles

Barcode Scanner

Liquid Handling Equipment Benefits

Automated liquid handling is a vital piece of any laboratory workflow. It provides consistent, reproducible results and helps labs to achieve more efficient workflow processes. Here are some benefits you can expect with Hamilton's automated liquid handling equipment.

Liquid handling traceability

Sample Traceability

Hamilton automated liquid handlers come with barcode scanning and tracing of sample transfers. In conjunction with a digital audit trail, this provides you with tracking and chain-of-custody processing for your assays. A powerful tool to ensure the integrity of your samples.
Optimized workflow

Optimized Workflows

Our platforms increase pipetting efficiency with solutions that reduce operator walk-away time. Flexible labware transportation options and integrated modules allow for increased automation in your workflows.
Liquid handling results

Consistent Results

Hamilton’s patented pipetting technologies are the foundation of precision and reliability for accurate, repeatable pipetting. Our workstations and accessories are designed to maintain sample integrity and reduce the risk of contamination.

Services and Support for Hamilton Automated Liquid Handling Robots

Hamilton is fully staffed to support your robotic pipetting platform from pre-installation through years of service. Nothing should stand in the way of a powerful automation solution in your lab. To learn more about the support services at Hamilton or to request support for your workstation, first choose the automated liquid handling platform below:

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