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Hamilton carriers and pedestals hold and position labware for easy access to liquid handling or robotic movements. Before you make any accessories purchase, you can work with a Hamilton Sales team member to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. Our staff has years of industry experience and can help your lab to automate any process.

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Item # Description
6605054-01 Microlab Prep 15 mL Tube Rack
6600555-01 Microlab Prep Tube Rack
6600409-01 Microlab Prep Small Tube Rack
6600553-01 Microlab Prep Framed Tip Rack
6600700-01 Microlab Prep Reagent Reservoir Rack
66508-01 Extension Plate Rack
62300-01 24-Tube Shift-N-Scan Rack
62290-01 32-Tube Shift-N-Scan Rack
63985-01 Small Tube Adapter
92290-02 500 uL PCR Tube Adapter
92290-01 200 uL PCR Tube Adapter
92296-01 Multi-Tube Adapter
92299-01 4-Tube Adapter
191056 Rocket Tip Adapter
191055 384-Well Tip Adapter
182040 96-Well Tip Adapter
94652-01 ABI PCR Adapter
59402-02 384-Well PCR Adapter
59402-01 96-Well PCR Adapter
65540-01 6 x 50 mL Reagent Trough Pedestal
61052-01 5 x 50 mL Reagent Trough Pedestal
64947-01 6-Tube Pedestal
64945-01 24-Tube Pedestal
68006-01 32-Tube Pedestal
94666-01 PCR Plate Hold-Down
66591-01 Tabbed Precision DWP Pedestal
95776-01 Tabbed MTP Pedestal
93052-01 1536-Well Plate Pedestal
61055-02 MTP Gripper Stacking Pedestal
61055-01 MTP Stacking Pedestal
61053-01 DWP Pedestal
61051-01 MTP Pedestal
65422-01 Tip Isolator Pedestal (1000 uL)
64668-01 Tip Isolator Pedestal (50 uL/300 uL)
61054-01 FTR Pedestal
56388-01 Extension Plate NTR Pedestal
61050-01 NTR Pedestal
97015-01 Conical Tube Carrier
96890-01 3 x 200mL Reagent Trough Carrier
97013-01 4 x 50 mL Reagent Trough Carrier
95341-02 Two Device Base Plate
95341-01 Single Device Base Plate
92581-01 MFX Gravity Waste Module
196371 MFX 384 NTR Module
191425 MFX NTR Stack Module
191420 MFX NTR Module
188063APE MFX Seesaw Module
188062APE MFX FTR Stack Module
188061APE MFX Tilt Module
188059APE MFX Portrait Stacker Module
188058APE MFX Lid Parking Module
188049 MFX 96 PCR Module
188048 MFX Tube/Cup Module
188047 MFX Reagent Trough Module
188046APE MFX Cooling Module
188045APE MFX Heating Module
188044 MFX Landscape Stacker Module
188043 MFX CO-RE Gripper Module
188042 MFX DWP Module
188041 MFX MTP Module
188040 MFX Tip Module
188039 MFX Landscape Carrier Base
182400APE Temperature-Controlled Carrier
182074 Nestable Tip Rack (NTR) Stack Landscape Carrier
182060 FTR Portrait Carrier
182085 Framed Tip Rack (FTR) Landscape Carrier
182080 12 x 100 mL reagent Trough Carrier
187299 5 x 60 mL Reagent Trough Carrier
187239 4 x 100 mL Reagent Trough Carrier
185290 3 x 120 mL Reagent Trough Carrier
173410 Three 32-Tube Carriers
173400 Four 24-Tube Carriers
185330 Tall Plate Stack Carrier
185340 Low Plate Stack Carrier
182035 384-well PCR plate landscape carrier
182365 MTP landscape carrier
182070 96-well PCR plate landscape carrier
182075 Microplate (MTP) portrait carrier
182090 Deep Well Plate (DWP) Landscape Carrier

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