Optimize Your Automated Workflow With Liquid Handling Devices

An endless combination of efficiency-driven Hamilton liquid handling devices is available to increase walkaway time, reduce operator variability, and improve overall workflows when integrated with Hamilton’s automated liquid handlers. Several devices may also be used to improve the efficiency of manual workflows. Discover how Hamilton devices can minimize cumbersome stop points and fine-tune automated workflows.

The Hamilton MPE can be integrated into larger liquid handling devices


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Temperature Control

Increase workflow consistency by automating routine steps such as temperature control, incubation, and shaking.

Plate Sealing

Protect precious microplate-based samples during critical stop points with convenient plate sealing devices.

Solid Phase Extraction

Increase throughput in Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and other positive pressure applications while decreasing time-consuming manual manipulations.

Reading & Measuring

Increase confidence in results, and maintain a strong chain of custody, by tracking and reading samples through automated workflows.

Specialized Pipetting

Add further convenience to your Hamilton liquid handling platform with hands-free devices for unique pipetting applications.

Device Integration

Advance your workflows by integrating your workstation with other instruments, small devices, and third party equipment.

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