Hamilton offers Liquid Verification kits for our liquid handlers

Granular Control of Liquid Classes

The Liquid Verification Kit (LVK) is a small liquid handling device that maintains peak pipetting performance of a Hamilton liquid handling workstation and is also used to develop highly specialized liquid classes. LVK is based on Hamilton’s field verification kit, and includes a Mettler Toledo balance with Hamilton software to perform gravimetric verification and develop liquid classes.

Features and Benefits of the Liquid Verification Kit

High Precision

The Mettler Toledo balance features a resolution of 10 µg so that the liquid class performance may be precisely honed.

Intuitive Controls

The LVK software guides users through liquid class selection or personalized creation, and automatically communicates with Hamilton’s VENUS software to optimize and verify liquid classes to pre-defined laboratory acceptance criteria without the need for additional programming.

Easy Installation and Storage

The LVK easily installs on any Hamilton liquid handling platform. When not in use, LVK may be just as easily uninstalled and stored in its protective padded case to free up deck space for regular automated workflow routines.

Want to review specifications?

Download the Liquid Verification Kit brochure for a full list of features and devices specifications.

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