When it comes to your liquid handling technology, nothing short of the best will do. It is important to buy OEM parts that fit the needs of your automation workflow. With a wide variety of high-quality components, Hamilton is your best source for liquid handling solutions.

Top Rated Original Equipment Manufacturer

Many of the world’s top manufacturers trust Hamilton products and expertise to get their innovations to market faster with lower development and manufacturing costs. We offer the ability to integrate our proven syringe pumps or pipetting channels into existing systems. You can customize our proven liquid handling platforms, or design a complete system to automate your novel chemistry.

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Liquid Handling Systems

Rely on Hamilton to deliver fully automated liquid handling systems that meet your design specifications and customer requirements. Our experts help bring cutting-edge technology and solutions that fit your product needs.
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Liquid Handling Components

Hamilton's liquid-handling components provide a quick way to speed up your clinical and life science research projects. Our customized pumps, valves, and pipette channels can handle every element in your fluid path.
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The Hamilton OEM Sensor and Sensor Accessories Portfolio

Hamilton Process Analytics works with a variety of integrators and brands to design and manufacture process sensors and accessories for a range of industries. Our custom products are engineered to integrate seamlessly into your workflow, saving time and money for your automation process.
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Chromatography Autosampler Syringes

Hamilton autosampler syringes are manufactured to strict tolerances at an economical price. With over 60 years of experience manufacturing syringes, our experts deliver the highest quality product to fit your product design.

OEM Microfluidic Technology

Our microfluidic technology provides the most precise droplet dispensing products for R&D and small-scale production of diagnostic substrates, pharma applications, and the life science industry.

What is OEM?

An original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, is a company whose goods are used as components in another company's finished products. This value-added reseller, or VAR, augments or incorporates features or services to add value to the original item. Compared to aftermarket parts, using OEM hardware increases the quality of the product.

The two entities often work closely with each other. For example, the company that manufactured the component will often customize the parts and designs to fit specific product needs. This develops a business relationship with the original design manufacturer that benefits both parties moving forward.

Inquire about OEM Systems and Products

Hamilton's products and solutions are the best original equipment manufacturer systems for your business. We offer a wide variety of components and flexibility to fit your needs. With our help, you can get back to doing what you love and focus on growing your business instead of worrying about the details. Learn more about Hamilton's high-quality OEM products.


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