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Hamilton is excited to announce its purchase of the microdosing company, BioFluidiX. Since its founding in 2005, BioFluidiX has revolutionized liquid measurement, enabling precise dosing in the nano and picoliter range. Combined with Hamilton’s industry-leading liquid automation platforms, the partnership opens the door for new possibilities and applications.

“We are happy to welcome BioFluidiX, a company that can expand our product range in the nano and picoliter range, to the Hamilton family. The industry is trending toward smaller volumes and our technologies combined are positioned to meet those demands, as previous joint projects have already shown,” said Dr. Martin Frey, CEO of Hamilton Bonaduz AG.

Dr. Peter Koltay, who co-founded BioFluidiX along with Prof. Ronald Zengerle and Prof. Hermann Sandmaier expressed excitement over the acquisition. “Hamilton has been a role model for us, serving as an industry leader since BioFluidiX was established in 2005. Hamilton is the ideal partner to successfully continue BioFluidiX’s mission,” said Dr. Koltay, who served as the company’s Managing Director until 2015.

Read the full announcement of Hamilton’s purchase of BioFluidiX here.

Visit BioFluidiX’s website for Nanoliter dispensing workstations