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Whether used as a standalone device, or integrated with our automated sample storage and liquid handling systems, these products are designed to add efficiency and speed to your workflows. Our camera-based barcode reading solutions allow for fast and accurate sample tracking and inventory management, even for frozen samples. Our automated decappers provide labware flexibility, reduce the risk of contamination, and ensure the samples are reliably sealed.

I.D. Reader

Automated Barcode Reading

LabElite DeFroster

Automated Rack Frost Remover

LabElite Handheld DeCapper - Coming in 2022

Semi-Automated Screw Cap Decapping

LabElite DeCapper

Automated Screw Cap Tube Decapping

LabElite I.D. Capper

Automated Screw Cap Tube Decapping and Barcode Reading in One Device

LabElite Integrated I.D. Capper

Automated Decapping Integrated to the Microlab STAR

LabElite DeCapper SL

Automated Screw Cap Tube Decapping

Verso Q10 Hotel

Automatic storage of microplates, tip boxes, and tip racks

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