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Hamilton HPLC Columns

HPLC Stationary phases for a broad range of separations

For more than 35 years, Hamilton Company has developed and manufactured pressure-stable, polymeric polystyrene-divinylbenzene (PS-DVB) HPLC columns that are used in most of the world’s top chromatography labs. With a wide range of particle sizes, pore sizes, pH stability from 1 to 14, temperature resistance over 100°C, and chemistries to match most analyte types, Hamilton polymeric columns are the chromatographer's choice for challenging separations.

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Hamilton reversed-phase HPLC columns combine the best characteristics of silica-based and polymeric columns to arrive at a product that is highly inert and long-lasting.

Anion Exchange

In anion exchange chromatography, the stationary bed has an ionically positive (+) charged surface while the sample ions are of negative (-) charge. The stronger the negative charge on the sample, the stronger it will be attracted to the positive charge on the stationary phase.

Cation Exchange

In cation exchange chromatography, the stationary bed has an ionically negative (-) charged surface while the sample ions are of positive (+) charge. This technique is used almost exclusively with ionic or ionizable samples.

Ion Exclusion

Ion exclusion chromatography is an alternative to ion exchange chromatography in which ionized samples are excluded from the pores of the support and elute first, while the weakly ionized and non-ionic compounds elute later.

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