Hamilton’s PEEK Guard Cartridges prevent particulates and highly adsorptive compounds from reaching the analytical column. The PEEK guard column has a 57 μL bed volume of packing material to remove some of the more highly adsorptive components from the mobile phase. The PEEK guard column is compatible with biologically active samples and its small volume minimizes contribution to chromatographic band broadening.


Follow these steps to install the PEEK guard cartridge.

Refer to the figure below.

1. Two Holder Caps, 1 Guard Cartridge, 1 Holder Body.

2. Insert the guard cartridge into one of the holder caps.

3. With the holder body in the vertical position, screw the assembled holder cap/guard cartridge into the bottom of the holder body and tighten by turning clockwise several full rotations.

4. Screw the second holder cap into the top of the holder body and tighten by turning clockwise several full rotations.

Final Assembly. Alternate turning each holder cap clockwise until contact with the guard cartridge is made with both holder caps. Once contact has been made, place a ½” wrench on each holder cap and tighten 1/8 – 1/4 turn.

5. Connect the holder assembly to the injector, leaving one end free. Polymeric/plastic nuts and ferrules are recommended for connections (see Steps 5-7).

8. Pump approximately 2 mL of mobile phase through the guard cartridge to properly wet the packing material.

9. Connect the exit end of the holder assembly to the column using 1/16" polymeric tubing and polymeric nuts and ferrules.

10. If the guard cartridge or any fittings leak, shut off the flow, dry out the leaking fitting and re-tighten. If leakage persists, disassemble the holder, inspect components for signs of damage, and repair or replace any damaged parts, and reassemble the holder.

After installing the guard column, condition it in-line following the directions given for conditioning the HPLC column. The life of a PEEK guard column is dependent upon the cleanliness of the samples and the mobile phase. Extend guard column life by pre-filtering the mobile phase (nylon filter recommended).

Product Specifications

Guard Column Housing Material:polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and Delrin®
Pressure Rating:0-5,000 psi
Chemical Compatibility:Not recommended for use with concentrated nitric or sulfuric acids, THF or DMSO
Frit Porosity:2 µm
Guard Cartridge Barrel Material:PEEK
Barrel Dimensions:11.2 mm long by 6.3 mm O.D.
Bed Volume:57 μL
Packing Material:As labeled
Particle Size:10 μm

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