Pipette Ergonomics and Performance

We've learned that our best ideas come from listening to people in the lab who use our laboratory products. Responding to user demand, we have developed our ergonomic pipettes and pipettors with a priority on addressing the issues of hand strain, fatigue, and other repetitive strain injuries caused by daily use. You'll feel the difference the first time that you pick one up. Hamilton’s line of SoftGrip™ Pipettes are easy to use, reliable, and maximize the efficiency of your lab. Each product features a user-centric design that maximizes quality, comfort, and precision which significantly reduces your chance of injuries during liquid handling.

adjustable volume pipettors

Single-Channel Adjustable Volume Pipettes

Available in 0.2µL - 1 mL, SoftGrip’s isolated volume adjustment increases accuracy by removing parallax errors and preventing accidental volume adjustment, thanks to our next-generation dual indicator. Hamilton pipettors boast a slim design that allows for reaching the bottom of narrow tubes without the need for extended-length tips.
fixed volume pipettes

Single-Channel Fixed Volume Pipettes

SoftGrip fixed volume pipettes come with a slim ejection sleeve made of chemically resistant, high-strength polymer, as well as a universal calibration key to reduce calibration time. Hamilton fixed volume pipettes are available in 5 µL - 1 mL.
multi-channel pipettes

Multi-Channel Pipettes

Hamilton multi-channel pipettes come with either 8 or 12 channels and are available for both 5 µL - 50 µL or 30 µL - 300 µL volumes. The movable lower body and unique long-tip ejector allow for full 360° rotation to provide maximum comfort for both right-handed and left-handed users.
Pipette Tips

Pipette Tips

Hamilton pipette tip families deliver value, choice, and performance across a variety of formats and packaging options. Formats include standard, non-filter, extended length, hydrophobic filter barrier, non-sterile, sterilized, and macro volume.
Various Pipettes and Pipette Accessories

Pipette Accessories

Hamilton's lab pipettes and pipettors work with a variety of accessories, including carousels, SoftGrip stands, and calibration equipment, designed to help you maximize quality, comfort, and precision.
Pipettes Replacement Parts Padded

Pipette Replacement Parts

While our SoftGrip pipettes and pipettors can be calibrated and serviced in the lab, Hamilton offers a variety of replacement parts and calibration services to ensure long product life.

SoftGrip Manual Pipette Features

Hamilton's SoftGrip products score the highest user satisfaction scores on 11 important aspects of manual pipettes and pipettors, ranging from plunger and eject forces to weight, diameter, and texture. Our pipettes are fully autoclavable and come with labels and color-coded plunger buttons for easy volume identification.

Pipette Volume Indicator

Volume Indicator

Dual pointer simplifies volume adjustment.
pipette volume setting

Volume Setting

Isolated volume adjustment ring prevents accidental volume changes.
pipette soft plunger

Soft Plunger Action

Low-force, sloped plunger button lessens thumb extension and overuse.
Pipette Ejector

Tip Ejection

Separate tip ejector button with a curved shape reduces hand motion.
Hamilton ergonomic pipette

Light, Balanced Feel

Curved hilt supports the pipette to provide finer control while pipetting.
ergonomic pipettes

Relaxed Grip

Ergonomically contoured handle with soft, non-slip surface fits perfectly in your hand to minimize fatigue.
pipette multi-channel ejection

Multi-Channel Ejection

Multi-channel pipettes have a lever-action ejector that removes all tips on the first stroke and is easily reset for left-handed operation.

Fully Autoclavable

The entire pipette is autoclavable at 121°C for 15 minutes at 15 psi (103.5 kPa or 1.02 atm) pressure without disassembly.

Pipette Accuracy and Precision

SoftGrip pipettes and pipettors come factory calibrated with the industry's highest overall accuracy and precision. Maintaining this high performance is made simple with Hamilton's cost-effective in-lab calibration procedure.

Hamilton Manual Pipette Kits

SoftGrip Manual Pipette Kits

Purchase an entire set of manual pipettes and save up to 45%. Kits come with your choice of pipettes as well as the appropriate stand and tips. SoftGrip kits are available for adjustable volume, fixed volume, and multi-channel pipettors and pipettes.

Pipette Kits

Hamilton Pipette Grants

Hamilton Company proudly supports higher education by awarding up to five $1,000 Hamilton Pipette Product Grants each month to teaching and research facilities that use our Hamilton Pipettes.

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