Your path to a successful liquid handling product starts with Hamilton OEM, and the journey includes familiar steps, no matter the project size or requirements. Learn how the expert Hamilton OEM team guides you through every step to make your vision a reality.

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During this initial phase, our goal is to learn about your company and understand how we can support your business growth and enhance your customer relationships. Who is the target customer and what is the application? What are their challenges?

We review your goals in this context along with capability, performance, spatial, and budget parameters. We also review any regulatory requirements necessary for the proposed product solution. Rough prototypes may be created to prove feasibility of the desired functionality on actual hardware and to minimize project risk. Learn more about getting started with Hamilton OEM.

Concept Proposal

After gaining understanding of you, your target, and your proposed product solution, it’s time to demonstrate what Hamilton can deliver in your timeframe. This includes workflow definition, initial hardware selection, integration planning, design considerations and concept renderings.

A dedicated Hamilton OEM expert team, including mechanical and automation engineers and expert programmers will work with you to develop a proposal, including target design, delivery timeline and estimated costs. Once the proposal is agreed upon by all parties, the project moves into the next phase.


With a signed agreement in place, we create working units so that you can start testing chemistries as soon as possible. The new system prototypes are fully functional skeletons, without product branding. Any necessary custom software may also be developed and programmed at this time.


Now that the prototype is tested and proven functional within project parameters, we move to the pilot phase, where the fully functioning hardware meets the custom branding design selected. Verification and validation testing are conducted with the goal of optimizing the system as closely as possible to that of the end product. This includes a trial run of the production process at Hamilton. After this point, design control goes into effect, and subsequent changes result in a notification to the team to ensure the highest quality control.

Product Support Logistics

Prior to launch, we create plans for system support, packaging, and installation. These final details are critical to ensure that your customers receive a high-quality, polished product that accurately reflects your brand position. As always, our expert service teams and programmers are at your disposal to lend assistance. For In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) products, we compile the required Design History File to ensure efficiency through the regulatory approval process.


Your new product is ready for an exciting launch! Hamilton manufactures all instruments from our facilities and prepares them for delivery to you or your customers. As units are placed in end-user environments, we can continue to offer technical support as needed.

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Post-Launch Support

Hamilton OEM offers service long after your product launches. For anything from maintenance and repair, method programming, customer orders and delivery schedules, Hamilton Service provides the solutions and answers you seek. As part of our ongoing commitment, we schedule recurring meetings with your team to ensure that the new product is meeting expectations.

Post-market analysis is a huge priority for Hamilton, including root-cause analysis and corrective actions if needed, so that you and your customers enjoy the best experience possible.

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