Proper preparation is key to any successful project. By providing Hamilton OEM with as much background information as possible, we can align with your goals and expectations, provide recommendations and advice, and apply our experience in a vast array of markets. Our goal is to help you to achieve your goals with a truly unique and successful solution.

Ready to bring your next successful product to life? Take a moment to review the considerations below as they create a solid foundation for the new product. Then, contact us to discuss how Hamilton OEM can specifically enable your success.

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By understanding your short- and long-term goals, we can fine-tune the project scope and tailor a solution that works now and in the future. Additionally, it helps us to define the tools and resources needed to achieve those goals.


  • What sparked the decision to create this new product?
  • What are your short- and long-term goals?
  • What is your budget?
  • Are you entering a new market?
  • What do you hope to achieve by offering this new product?
  • Are third-party software or hardware providers involved in new product development?
  • Do you anticipate future product generations or upgrades?
  • How many units are forecasted at launch and over time?


As a foundation for the entire project, it is critical to understand the intended target customer, application and market conditions for your new product. By fully defining the market opportunity, we can offer insights into how you, and your solution, can achieve success in that environment.


  • Who is the target customer in this market and application?
  • What motivates the target customer?
  • What is their need or challenge?
  • How will the proposed new product solve the need or challenge in a different or enhanced manner than current alternatives and competitors?
  • Are there geographic considerations?
  • What is the anticipated skill range of the target customer?
  • What target price range is acceptable to this target customer?


Time is precious, and efficiency matters. In addition to keeping the overall project on track, understanding your deadlines allows us to properly allocate resources, schedule work in parallel, and deliver what you need, when you need it.


  • What is your desired overall project timeframe?
  • When do you require working prototypes, and how many?
  • Are any deadlines contingent on third-party actions or end-user testing?

Workflow Requirements

This is where the Hamilton OEM difference really shines through. Our solutions are found in a vast array of markets, so we know that a single out-of-box approach doesn’t work and your proposed requirements may require adjustment to align with market criteria and expectations. Additionally, the requirements determine how we scale the system and build a cost-effective solution.


  • What protocol and methods will be implemented on the new product?
  • What is the desired end-user interaction with the new product?
  • How would an automated solution fit into the overall workflow - in its entirety or as a component thereof?
  • Is there a requirement for Hamilton or third-party tool/device integration?
  • Is there a requirement for upstream or downstream integration?
  • Are there size, weight, vibration, energy use or other restrictions to enforce?
  • What are the proposed new product specifications, including, but not limited to, throughput, volume, pipette channel quantity, sample vessel?
  • Are regulatory approvals, such as PMA or 510k approval, required?
Animation illustrating a workflow that could include a Hamilton barcode reader, paddles, and a carrier.
Hamilton can integrate large devices into your lab with our OEM devices that can include your brand name.


It’s not just about functionality; your new product is a reflection of your brand. This includes the way it looks and how users interact with it. Hamilton OEM and our expert designers work with your team to ensure a brand-compliant and a stellar user experience.


  • What is the brand message that you want to convey?
  • Are there corporate brand guidelines to follow, including desired colors, skin design, and logo placement?
  • Is there value in graphically leveraging the Hamilton brand, or co-branding with a third party?
  • Will the software interface use Hamilton’s pre-integrated version or a third-party interface? What is the desired software interface branding?
  • Will any additional components require branding?

Regulatory and Compliance

Navigating the complex world of regulations and compliance is necessary in some markets and regions, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our experience in regulated markets across the globe helps to reduce risk and increase compliance during development, and streamline document preparation for your regulatory product submission.


  • Are domestic or international regulatory approvals, such as PMA or 501k, required?
  • Is your current product portfolio adherent to regulatory guidelines?
  • What is your validation process?
  • Does the overall project timeframe account for regulatory approval time?
Hamilton Service can include staff training, communication and field service engineers to get your lab up and running.
Talk to your customer service representative to get state of the art training, service and liquid handlers

Post-Launch Support and Logistics

In consideration of the long-term relationships that we value with our OEM partners, Hamilton OEM offers service far after your product launches, and beyond that of bringing the product to life. Let us know your post-launch and logistics expectations, we can ensure the best possible results for you and your customers throughout our lasting relationship.


  • Who is expected to support the new product for general/applications questions, service, repair, warranty issues?
  • Who will conduct and receive training on use?
  • Who will conduct and receive training on service/support?
  • What are your warranty expectations?
  • Who will ship the product to end-users, and how will it be packaged?
  • How will the product life cycle be managed?
  • Are post-market surveys needed, and if so, who will conduct and manage them?

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