Hamilton Storage is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automated storage systems for biological and compound samples. By safeguarding the integrity of even the most precious samples, our solutions and expert knowledge empower researchers to reach new heights of laboratory efficiency.

Our commitment to designing customer-focused lab freezers has allowed us to become the sample care company for the life science industry. Combining our world-class engineering experience, scientific background, and extensive interactions with customers has resulted in products that focus on sample integrity, reliability, and flexibility.

Verso Q-Series

Verso Q-Series

Hamilton’s Verso Q-Series automated freezer storage systems allow you to spend less time managing your samples. Verso Q20, Verso Q50, and Verso Q75 automated minus 20°C freezers boast large storage capacities in extremely compact footprints. Learn more about how Verso Q-Series can upgrade your laboratory.
Hamilton Verso Compound Management


Hamilton Verso is a modular compound management system for automated storage at temperatures from ambient to minus 20°C for high-throughput applications. This compound storage system can easily be configured to meet your needs.


The SAM HD lab freezer is your solution for high-density storage with a small footprint. This small lab freezer is capable of ultra low temperatures down to minus 80°C to ensure sample integrity. The SAM HD sample freezer makes automated storage quick and easy.
hamilton bios biobanking automated system


BiOS is Hamilton’s premier minus 80°C freezer for medium and large capacity storage. This ultra low temperature freezer maintains the integrity of your biological sample storage throughout automation. With customizable size and capacity, this minus 80 freezer can be scaled to fit your storage needs.

Simple, Powerful Automation Software

Our automated sample storage platforms run on the powerful, easy-to-use INSTINCT S software, which allows users to run daily operations easily with minimal training.

instinct s automation software

Introductions Made Easy

With pre-defined shortcuts that allow sample introductions into a logical library, users can control each study's library and access to it, as well as reports highlighting the library's inventory.
INSTINCT S Job Manager View

Track All of Your Jobs

The Job Manager gives users a list of completed jobs. On the right, the Job Results will list the racks and tubes that were picked for a given job and has the option to export that list as a .csv file.
INSTINCT S Maintenance Tab View

A Look Under the Hood

The Maintenance Tab gives users a visual of their inventory, showing where racks are in the system and information about each rack such as rack ID and number of tubes in the rack.

Solutions for Your Samples

Choose a system based on your storage temperature and sample capacity needs.

Our Product Guide was designed to help you figure out which automated sample storage system would be perfect for you.

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Service & Support

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