Depend on the global leader in automated liquid handling technology to help you bring robust, cutting-edge and highly differentiated solutions to market without wasted time or unnecessary expense. A dedicated team of Hamilton OEM experts is at hand to guide your project along the path to success, from idea to product launch and post-launch support. Connect with us to stand apart from your competitors and create value for your customers.

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The Hamilton Difference

With Hamilton OEM as your trusted partner, you can leverage over 70 years of industry-shaping and proven liquid handling technologies. Our unparalleled track record means that you can be confident that, together, we will build a successful, innovative product with rapid speed to market. At the same time, you and your customers will know that your solution ideally satisfies their needs. Our vast R&D capabilities and full suite of platform, module and component options provide an opportunity for your solution to come to life as fully unique in the market, and our established library of liquid classes combined with software interface options, allowing multiple control levels, and error handling protocols support long-lasting performance and a high-quality user experience.

Ideal Infrastructure

As a fully vertically-integrated company, we can provide everything needed for your system requirements, from overall design to the smallest component. By doing so, we can offer faster prototypes and rapid availability compared to sourcing from multiple vendors. Additionally, you can rest assured, knowing that every part of your instrument earned the stamp of Hamilton quality.

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Hamilton's robotic products are ISO9001, ISO13485, and GMP certified

Highest Quality

Hamilton is dedicated to only producing top quality work at the highest standards. At Hamilton, we follow all GMP guidelines and are ISO 9001 and 13485 certified. Additionally, all products created by Hamilton are developed and released through a controlled process with supporting documentation.

Hamilton Innovation Drives Your Advantage

Hamilton is a pioneer in automated liquid handling technology, and remains on the leading edge of innovation. In fact, our patented CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) and pressure monitoring technologies are regarded as the top-tier standard in pipetting technology. CO-RE technology creates a, air- tight seal between each mandrel and Hamilton tip with precise tip alignment to eliminate tip distortion and ensure the highest accuracy during liquid handling steps. CO-RE technology also eliminates the risk of cross contamination, minimizes mechanical stress on equipment, and ensures reproducible results.

Beyond CO-RE technology, Hamilton manufactures and integrates a vast array of essential components for your system, including centrifuges, plate sealers, barcode readers, plate readers, thermal cyclers, incubators, coolers, visions systems and more. From integrating third party to Hamilton-manufactured devices, or building liquid handling segments to the entire workflow, trust in Hamilton’s skilled craftsmanship to ensure high-performance and seamless operation.

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Hamilton Service can include staff training, communication and field service engineers to get your lab up and running.

Holistic Support

You value long-term relationships, and so do we. Hamilton OEM is a total lifecycle partner and remains actively involved with you long after product launch, with service, support and any other needs. In addition to dedicated project management teams, Hamilton offers training classes in service and software to ensure that users reap maximum benefit and functionality from your product.

Additionally, Hamilton OEM offers ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions to transfer tips, tools and education about your product to experts on your team. By doing so, your team is prepared to offer extra value to your customers, no matter the situation.

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