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Every Hamilton business unit seeks to be “the measure of excellence” in their market. For Hamilton Process Analytics that means pushing for one customer-focused innovation after another, striving for a future where biopharmaceutical drugs continue to make the world a place where we all thrive.

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Process Sensors

Quality process sensors for a complete measurement loop
Portable dissolved oxygen meter

Portable Dissolved Oxygen

A portable system for DO measurement in food and beverage applications

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Excellence means to go beyond average, to surpass, and to be of great value. It is at the core of our mission and defines Hamilton Process Analytics — who we are, what we do — our purpose.

The Power of On-Line Intelligent Sensors

Traditional pH sensor management in a production process is costly and labor intensive — often the sensor only accounts for 20 percent of total operational costs. Hamilton’s Arc intelligent pH sensors redefine the relationship between sensors and transmitters, openning a wide range of operational process improvements and cost reduction.

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Total Process Control with Hamilton Single-Use Sensors

With Hamilton's new breed of sensors specifically designed for single-use applications, equipment manufacturers now have access to the same precise and hassle-free measurements in single-use environments.

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Various Cells in Liquid

Improve Yield with On-Line Viable Cell Density Measurement

On-line parameters like pH and dissolved oxygen are commonly used to optimize process yield. Further optimization is now possible with a new breed of sensors for on-line measurement of viable and total cell density.

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