Whether it's understanding the right electrical connector for your sensor or learning about temperature compensation within the sensors, you can profit from more than 30 years of Hamilton experience to help guide you.

How to Measure Sensor A-length

Sensor A-length determines the insertion depth of the sensor. This article shows how this measurement is made for various styles of sensors.

What type of electrical connector does my sensor have?

There are multiple styles of electrical connectors used with sensors. See each style of connector and learn where they are used to decide which one fits your needs.

Understanding Temperature Sensor Options

There are several types of temperature elements used with Hamilton sensors. This is a brief introduction to each type of element.

Memosens® Sensor Technology

Hamilton offers Memosens® digital sensor technology on certain products. Learn more about Memosens features and benefits here.

Powered vs. non-powered cables

Some sensors require standard cables while other sensors require power. Which cable should you use? This quick guide helps better answer these questions.

Documentation and Certificates for Sensors and Liquid Solutions

What documentation and certificates can I expect with my sensor or probe? This article provides examples of the types of paper documents that normally come with Hamilton products.

Understanding Wetted Materials (Stainless, Plastics, & Elastomers)

Wetted materials such as stainless steel, plastics, and elastomers are often listed by different names and abbreviations in different parts of the world. This quick cross reference guide helps sort out the common names for wetted materials used in Hamilton sensors.

Common Questions for Autoclave Sterilization of Sensors

This brief article examines common questions from end-users about best practices for autoclaving Hamilton sensors.

Understanding Surface Finish

This article explores the topic of surface finish on wetted components for Hamilton sensors, housings, and other products.

What type of process connection does my sensor have?

There are multiple styles of process connections found on sensors. View each connection to help understand what may fit your needs.

VP Cable Options

Hamilton offers several options for VP (Variopin) cables with open end connections. This Knowledge Base article explains the differences between these cables.

Glossary of Sensor & Biopharma Acronyms & Abbreviations

Acronyms and abbreviations are commonly used with process analytics measurements found in the biopharma industry. This glossary is an attempt to de-code some of the more frequently used acronyms.

Atmospheric Pressure and Its Effects on Calibration

Hamilton dissolved oxygen and dissolved carbon dioxide sensors use measurement technology based on partial pressure. This article looks at atmospheric pressure as potential sources of error that could occur during calibration.

Basics of analog & digital sensor signals

This article provides a general primer for the common signals used for industrial measurement and control.

Should CO2 Be a Critical Process Parameter?

Download Part 1 of our Dissolved CO2 White Paper Series to learn how implementing real-time control of Carbon Dioxide can impact productivity at R&D and production scale bioreactors.