Bioreactor cultivated meat media

Sensor Solutions for Cultivated Meat Processes

Discover Hamilton's process sensor solutions for cultivated meat production, from hybrid plant based meat to fully lab-grown meat processes. Our sensors and accessories help overcome the challenges of scaling up cultivated meat production by enabling better process control and optimization with real-time measurement. Hamilton sensors for in-line measurement of viable cell density, pH, dissolved oxygen, and dissolved CO2 can take your process to the next level.

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Sensors for Critical Process Parameters in Cultivated Meat Processes

Hamilton's Conductivity and pH Sensors for Media Prep

Discover our sensor solutions for conductivity and pH measurement in media preparation tanks. Save costs by producing media on-site. Hamilton's Conductivity and pH sensors ensure continuity and reproducibility of the media. Learn more about our Conducell 4USF Conductivity Sensor and our EasyFerm Bio pH Sensor.

Take Control of your Cultivated Meat Process with Hamilton Sensors

Hamilton products are characterized by proven quality and outstanding performance, backed by decades of engineering and manufacturing expertise in innovative design. Our innovative sensor solutions support the development of cultivated food processes such as lab-grown meat, plant-based meat, or hybrid products. Like any other cell fermentation process, cultivated meat cells need the right environment to grow. Hamilton process sensors enable better insight and automated control of critical process parameters such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and CO2 to ensure your cultivated meat process is producing the desired results. Our viable cell density sensors ensure real-time, in-line measurement and control of this important key performance indicator for the lab-grown food production.

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Benefits of Using In-line Sensors

Real-time Data

Directly measure your product and critical process parameters in real-time.

Process Scalability

Seamlessly scale your process by measuring critical process parameters and key performance indicators.

Process Consistency

Better batch-to-batch reproducibility and increased consistency from R&D to production.

Process Automation

Automate your process with intelligent sensors and reduce labor costs.

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