Easyferm Bio Traditional pH sensors

EasyFerm Bio pH - Traditional

Traditional sensors offer a standard mV output signal and a wire variety of electrical connectors to work with most transmitters and controllers.

EasyFerm Bio pH - Arc

Arc intelligent sensor technology securely stores your sensor data and outputs your measurement information directly to the control system.
Easyferm Bio Ms sensors

EasyFerm Bio pH - Memosens

Memosens technology allow upgrading an existing installation with proven Hamilton pH sensor technology.

Foodlyte Electrolyte

This specialized electrolyte has been certified for full bio-compatibility making it ideal for use in the food and beverage industry as well as other bioprocesses where risk of cytotoxicity is a concern.

Glass Membrane Options

HB glass is a good choice for fast recovery after CIP and SIP cycles found in food and beverage applications. PHI glass offers high chemical robustness and very little shift after repeated autoclave and SIP sterilizations.

Specific Applications


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