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Cell Culture

Cell Culture

Take your Cell Culture to the Next Level with Hamilton Microlab Technology

For a researcher to study cells, the cells must be isolated and grown in a controlled way: in a sterile environment with temperature and humidity control and with the correct supply of nutrients. 

Coordinating these processes for long periods of time or on a large scale can be overwhelming. Manually seeding and feeding cells can take days, if not weeks, which is time consuming and labor intensive. This results in manual cell culture procedures becoming limited in terms of throughput, reproducibility and standardization.

Hamilton Robotics Cell Culture Systems are specifically designed to meet all of your cell culture process needs. Culture parameters can be completely automated, controlled and tracked while increasing throughput and time savings.

Hamilton has experience automating several types of adherent and suspension cell culture for many applications that use cells for research.

Containment Solutions – Enable sample protection and integrity and offer a protected and contamination-free work area

  • HEPA Hood
  • Integration of BSL II Cabinets (NuAire and Baker)
  • Custom Enclosures
Integration of CO2 Incubators (Liconic, Thermo Cytomat)

Plate Tilting – Allows for complete removal of cell suspensions and media when passaging, harvesting or changing media in adherent cell cultures

Heated and shaking plate locations – Maintains reagents and cells at a controlled temperature during processing steps that take place on deck of the liquid handler; shaking can help to dissociate difficult to detach adherent cell lines for passaging and harvesting 

  • Hamilton Heater Shakers
  • MFX Heating Module
  • Inheco CPAC
  • Five-position recirculating carrier
Media fill line – Allows for a completely disposable sterile fluid path for media with the ability to maintain temperatures
  • Heats media or PBS in line
  • Can store media in a 4°C cooled fridge
  • Includes sterile disposable trough for reagents on deck
  • Compatible with commonly used media bags and containers
  • Equipped with sensors for automated volume control 
Cytometers - Allow for confluence monitoring and cell counting (Brooks Celigo, MD CSI, Cellavista)

Sterile consumables