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Biopharmaceutical Process Sensors

Many therapies today would not be possible without the help of biopharmaceutical processes. Animal cells, bacteria, yeast or algae species are able to produce very complex target molecules in commercially interesting amounts.
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Cultivated Meat Production

Discover Hamilton's process sensor solutions for cultivated meat production, from hybrid plant based meat to fully lab-grown meat processes. Our sensors and accessories help overcome the challenges of scaling up cultivated meat production by enabling better process control and optimization with real-time measurement.
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Brewing Sensors

Discover excellence in brewing with Hamilton's sensor solutions tailored for every stage, from Brewhouse to Filling. Designed to meet the unique challenges of beer production, our sensors and accessories offer real-time measurements, enabling superior process control and optimization.

Wine Making

Historically wine making was considered an art with expected variation from season to season. As a wine production has grown, so too has the need for consistency and improved shelf life. The industry is trending towards collecting more data and identifying outliers sooner. Increasingly, online sensors are being implemented to collect data continuously.

Chemical Process Sensors

Chemical processes encompass very different applications. Something they have in common is that they are usually very demanding for the materials used. They have to withstand harsh and aggressive chemicals as well as challenging process conditions.

Power Generation Process Sensors

Power plants, small or big, usually are designed to generate electrical as well as thermal energy. They can be found in the chemical industry as well as in food & beverage or pharmaceutical industries but also as big stand-alone units using natural gas, coal, industrial waste, or nuclear raw materials.

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