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Historically wine making was considered an art with expected variation from season to season. As a wine production has grown so too has the need for consistency and improved shelf life. The industry is trending towards collecting more data and identifying outliers sooner. Increasingly, online sensors being implemented to collect data continuously.


Wine Fermentation

Wine Fermentation

Fermentation is the process of using yeast to turn grape juice (must) into wine. Careful monitoring of oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), pH, and conductivity can all be used to optimize the fermentation process and ensure the highest quality wine.

Wine Bottling

Wine makers take great care to minimize the concentration of dissolved oxygen during bottling as it has a great potential to impact aging and quality of wine. This includes monitoring for leaks in the bottling process with online dissolved oxygen sensors.

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Sometimes the only way to definitely know the value a product of a product is to try it out. That's why Hamilton offers a demo program where new and existing customers can try sensor products before committing to a purchase. Using a conditional purchase order, Hamilton will send sensors to customers for installation and trial. If the sensors work as desired, Hamilton executes the purchase order and payment. But if the sensors do not perform as expected, and the purchase order is discarded.

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