What are Liquid Handling Consumables?

Hamilton has a wide range of consumables designed to meet the needs of your applications. From precision tips and reagent reservoirs to sealing plates and waste disposal, Hamilton consumables ensure your workflow operates with maximum efficiency.

Consumables for Automated Liquid Handling Systems

Hamilton’s automated liquid handling consumables are geared towards meeting the needs of your applications. From tips, to tubes, to reservoirs and beyond, Hamilton has a solution for everything. Select a platform below to find the best consumables for your workflow.

CO-RE® II Technology

Hamilton’s CO-RE® II technology is the next evolution in precision for automated liquid handling. Our proprietary upgrade to Compressed O-Ring Expansion (CO-RE) tips for automated systems brings enhanced longevity, alignment, and retention while maintaining the exceptional integrity, reliability, and multifunctionality you expect. Whether new to Hamilton's automated lab consumables or looking to upgrade your existing system, see how CO-RE® II technology can help you.

Hamilton Consumables by Type

CO-RE ii tips consumables

CO-RE and CO-RE® II Tips

Leverage precision lock-and-key CO-RE (Compressed O-Ring Expansion) tip performance for exceptional results. Improve tip alignment, extend longevity, and enhance your existing hardware with Hamilton's automated pipette tips.
reagent reservoirs consumables

Reagent Reservoirs

Hamilton offers a broad range of reservoir sizes that streamline convenience and efficiency. Available in clear and black, Hamilton reagent reservoirs provide hassle-free, reliable use for your workstation.
liquid handling plates consumables


Expect performance with Hamilton's ANSI/SLAS format PCR microplates and deep well plates. Our quality-tested plates provide a reliable foundation for sample and data integrity in your automated systems and manual workflows.
liquid handling tubes consumables


Enhance workflows with uniquely designed Hamilton AutoLys Tubes and FlipTubes. Our specially designed tubes are custom-crafted to ensure rapid, consistent, and reliable performance for your lab automation needs.
liquid handling sealing consumables

Sealing Consumables

Protect precious microplate-based samples with a variety of effective sealing options. Hamilton's sealing consumables help protect the entire microplate and ensure sample integrity for manual and automated workflows.
liquid handling waste consumables

Waste Consumables

Quickly dispose of waste within your Hamilton liquid handling platform while avoiding messy leaks and physical contact. Designed specifically to fit your platform, our consumables minimize risk by preventing leaks regardless of system configuration.
liquid handling cleaning consumables

Waste and Cleaning Solutions

Hamilton's hospital-grade cleaning solutions and consumable products protect the performance of your instrument and the integrity of your results.

Ready for an Automated Liquid Handling System?

We'll help you find the right systems and consumables to suit your workflow. Our automated liquid handling specialists are ready to guide you through the process to get you up and running.

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automated liquid handling consumables

Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Handling

Expand your knowledge or brush up on automated liquid handling definitions and best practices in our Everything You Need to Know About Liquid Handling guide. Explore the fundamentals of working with an automated liquid handler and how Hamilton's consumable items can improve your workflow.

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