CO-RE® II technology is the sequel to unrivaled precision. Promising continued integrity, reliability, and multifunctionality, it enhances existing hardware, while extending tip longevity, tip alignment, and improved retention. Validated results provide peace of mind, while also echoing our upheld measure of excellence. For over seven decades, Hamilton has defined the standard for high-precision liquid handling. Quality engineering and a unique, innovative culture combined with first-class service and support has led to pioneering performance in handling the most challenging liquids.

Validated Results that Promise Peace of Mind

Hamilton has performed extensive testing of CO-RE II technology to validate benefits and to confirm equivalent pipetting performance without end-user adjustment. The CO-RE® Technology Validation Summary report contains detailed test results that confirm instrument performance is not hindered or changed when adopting CO-RE II technology. The transition requires no updates to methods, liquid classes, Total Aspiration and Dispense Monitoring (TADM) parameters, or pipetting settings. Many benefits allow minimal impact to customer setup, methods, and liquid classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hamilton has compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to address common concerns when upgrading to CO-RE II technology. This document addresses questions related to compatibility, servicing, upgrade timelines, risk management, verification measures, and more.


Upgrade Your Instrument

CO-RE II upgrades can be scheduled in conjunction with your preventative maintenance visits. Hamilton is offering free CO-RE II upgrades during a promotional period. This promotional period will take place starting July 1st 2022 and continue through June 30th, 2024. After June 30th, the promotional period will expire.

Click to request parts to upgrade your Microlab® NIMBUS®, Microlab® STAR®, or Microlab® VANTAGE Liquid Handling System® or to request a CO-RE II Service Upgrade.

CO-RE II upgrades are now available for the Microlab® Prep™! Click here to learn more and schedule your upgrade.