• EU Declarations of Conformity

    In this section it is possible to download the Hamilton EU Declarations of Conformity regarding the CE mark. The CE mark refers to compliance with EU directives such as those for RoHS, EMC, RED, Low Voltage and ATEX. It is like the FCC Declaration of Conformity used on certain electronic devices sold in the United States.

  • EU Declarations of Conformity valid for Turkey

    Bu bölümde CE işareti ile ilgili AB Uygunluk Beyanlarının Türkçe tercümesini bulabilirsiniz.

  • 3rd Party Certificates for Products Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

    In this section it is possible to download the ATEX, UKEX and IECEx certificates issued by the Notified Body applying to products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The ATEX certificate refers to the EU ATEX directive. The UKEX certificates refers to UKEX regulation in Great Britain. The IECEx certificates for equipment to be used in EX areas (e.g. "explosive atmospheres" or "hazardous locations"), are released by the International Electrochemical Commission (IEC) and they are recognized worldwide.

  • Declarations of Quality for Sensors and Housings

    In this section it is possible to download the Declarations of Quality (DoQ) for Hamilton Process Analytics' products. View an example DoQ.

    In order to download the DoQs, enter the Product Ref Number (Example: 243666-111) and the Serial Number (Example 1178). Those numbers can be found either directly on the product or on the packaging label. The DoQ confirms that the product has passed Hamilton quality controls.

  • BSE / TSE (Animal Origin) and Jatropha Statement

    In this section it is possible to download Hamilton's statement for Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE), and Jatropha compliance. This document covers not only Process Analytics products but also includes Hamilton Laboratory Products, and Automated Liquid Handling.

  • Declaration of PFOA Regulation Adherence

    A document that confirms Hamilton Bonaduz AG compiles with PFOA regulations related to EU Regulation 2019/1021 (POP) Annex I, Part A, and the REACH Regulation (Annex XVII, entry 68).

  • Material Specification - Declaration of Compliance with the Order EN 10204-2.1

    In this section it is possible to download the Hamilton Declaration of Compliance with the Order EN 10204-2.1. Those are material specifications showing that the materials of the wetted parts fulfill, i.e. surface quality, USP class VI tests, etc.

    Please note that some products like VisiFerm DO, VisiPro DO, OxyFerm FDA and OxyGold B and G consist of a sensor body and a membrane / cap. Due to the fact that the membranes / caps can be changed the material specifications of sensor body and membrane / cap are separated. As a consequence for these products both specifications are required.

  • Certificates for Raw Material according the EN 10204-3.1.B

    In this section it is possible to download the raw material test certificate according to EN 10204, 3.1.B. In order to download the manufacturer certificate, the heat number is required. The heat number is available on the Declaration of Quality (DoQ) of the Hamilton product. For most steel materials, the heat number can also be found on the product itself or on the product label. View an example of a material test certificate.

  • Declaration of Quality for Calibration Solutions

    The Hamilton Declaration of Quality can be downloaded with your LOT production or filling number printed on the product label of the bottle. The document name starts with the prefix “DoQ”. View an example of a pH buffer solution label.

    You can also find the external Calibration Certificate (i.e. DAkkS and DFM) by entering the LOT production or buffer solution number in the search field. The document name starts with the prefix “CalCert”.

    View an example of a pH buffer DoQ document.

    View an example of a DAkkS calibration test certificate.

  • Bluetooth Wireless Communication Certificates

    In this section it is possible to download country specific certifications for wireless interference. These certificates cover Hamilton products with Bluetooth wireless communication. They include the following products: VisiFerm mA, VisiTrace mA, VisiPro, VisiTrace, Arc Wi 1G Wireless BT Adapter, Arc Wi 2G Wireless BT Adapter, and Arc Wireless Converter BT (standard and advanced versions).

  • EHEDG Certificates

    EHEDG is a consortium of food producers, equipment manufacturers, institutes and universities to enhance food safety and quality across the whole industry.