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Get up and running quickly with assay ready workstations designed to automate specific assays. Enjoy the pure advantage of a dedicated Hamilton automated liquid handling solution, or the ultimate strength of a collaborative solution between Hamilton and industry-leading assay providers. Each verified, pre-configured solution combines maximum reliability, powerful throughput, and increased walkaway time to enhance overall laboratory efficiencies and confidence in results.


The ADAP STAR enables high throughput SARS-CoV-2 sample processing – only days after infection – using the ultra sensitive and specific Antibody Detection by Agglutination PCR (ADAP) immunoassay from Enable Biosciences. All peripheral devices, like a plate sealer, on-deck thermal cycler, and cold plate air-cooled device, are included to maximize walkaway time and minimize operator exposure to potential biohazards.
Aliquot Starlet with the doors open in a lab

Aliquot STARlet

The Aliquot STARlet assay ready workstation fully automates source-target sampling of blood and other homogeneous and heterogeneous biological samples for downstream applications.
European Autolys STAR liquid handler

AutoLys STAR

The AutoLys STAR fully automates pre-PCR sample lysis for a wide variety of workflows. Paraffin-embedded samples may be automatically tracked and processed in a hands-free manner using proprietary barcoded, spin basket-type AutoLys-A Tubes.
Hamilton Easypunch Starlet

easyPunch STARlet

The easyPunch STARlet simplifies pre-PCR workflows from evidentiary and DNA databasing biological samples collected via FTA cards.
Hamilton STAR and STAR V European models

easyBlood STARlet

The easyBlood workstation enables walkaway, image-based detection of plasma, buffy coat, and erythrocyte layers in whole blood samples. The automated system precisely aspirates the desired blood fraction layers for consistent and high recovery rates, and automatically sends all sample data to an integrated LIS. A large variety of primary fractionation tube types may be used for increased flexibility in biobanking and clinical applications.
Hamilton Microlab STAR

Genomic STARlet

The Genomic STARlet was developed in collaboration with MACHEREY-NAGEL for their vacuum-based chemistry to quickly isolate high-quality nucleic acids.
Hamilton Vantage with the lid open

ID Systems (Pre-PCR)

The ID Systems assay ready workstations allow analysts to refocus attention away from time-consuming, low value and user-variable manual pre-PCR workflow steps while gaining valuable, high-quality data.
Hamilton's ID Nimbus

ID Systems (Post-PCR)

The ID Systems assay ready workstations allow analysts to refocus attention away from time-consuming, low value and user-variable manual post-PCR workflow steps while gaining valuable, high-quality data.
Longstring STAR V with a closed door

Long String STAR V

With the Long String STAR V for ultra high molecular weight DNA extraction, we are now proudly presenting the world’s first automation solution for this process. The DNA extracted is ready to use for Bionano Genomics Optical Genome Mapping.
MAG STAR with a closed front

MagEx STAR Line

The MagEx STAR and STARlet are fully automated family of solutions for magnetic bead-based nucleic acid extraction and are ideal for isolation of pathogen RNA from SARS-CoV-2, the agent that causes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). They are designed to be used with a variety of kit chemistries from leading partners, including those that are FDA or IVD approved, and can process up to 96 samples at a time on STARet and 384 on STAR.
Hamilton Microlab STAR


The MassSTAR was developed in collaboration with Chromsystems for automated CE-IVD certified mass spectrometry sample preparation.


The NGS STAR efficiently and reliably automates Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) library preparation for whole genome to whole transcriptome and targeted NGS applications. Assay methods are optimized for chemistries from leading industry partners, and up to 96 samples may be processed simultaneously.
STAR V Automated Liquid Handler


It’s time for the next step. Please welcome the newest member of our NGS Library Preparation family: the NGS STAR V. This assay-ready workstation really cares about your library preparation automation with respect to usability, reproducibility, traceability, and safety needs.
Hamilton Microlab Nimbus Presto with the doors closed


The NIMBUS Presto assay ready workstation is optimized for fully automated and parallel nucleic acid and protein extraction from solid tumor and liquid biopsy samples. This automated sample purification system, which is pre-programmed and integrated with the Thermo Fisher Scientific KingFisher Presto, utilizes proven KingFisher magnetic bead-based sample processing. Two interchangeable magnetic heads allow parallel processing in 24- and 96-well plate formats.
PCR Prep STARlet with the front open

PCR Prep STARlet

The PCR Prep STARlet automates high-throughput pre-PCR sample preparation of biological samples, and is especially well-suited for SARS-CoV-2 detection using CDC authorized and FDA cleared COVID-19 test kits. The hands-free automated system reduces risk of user exposure while providing highly reliable results to be used for research or diagnostic purposes.

STARWorks for Waters GlycoWorks

STARWorks for Waters GlycoWorks streamlines and automates your N-glycan workflows by combining Waters chemistry and Hamilton automation.

STARWorks for Waters ProteinWorks

STARWorks for Waters ProteinWorks provides a practical, broadly applicable platform that simplifies the protein bioanalysis workflow and accurately quantifies proteins in serum or plasma.
Europe's Microlab STAR

VeriSeq NIPT Microlab STAR

Developed in collaboration with Illumina, the Veriseq NIPT Microlab STAR automates PCR-free whole-genome sequencing during NGS/MPS-based non-invasive prenatal testing.


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    Specific Applications

    • Fully Automated Library Quantification for Illumina® Sequencing on the NGS STAR

      In this case study, we describe a newly developed automated method for the quantification of Illumina NGS libraries using the KAPA Library Quantification Kit on the NGS STAR for Library Prep.
    • TruSight Tumor 170 Automated on the NGS STAR for Illumina Library Prep

      Hamilton Robotics and Illumina, Inc have partnered to automate the TruSight Tumor 170 library preparation kit on the NGS STAR. TruSight Tumor 170 simultaneously analyzes DNA and RNA while covering a wide range of genes and variant types. TruSight Tumor 170 is capable of producing accurate results from low-quality formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples with a minimum input requirement of 40 ng. The design of the NGS STAR, as a single configuration, enables implementation of additional methods as well as future Illumina protocols using the TruSight Oncology workflow as they are released.
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