Achieve accurate and robust protein quantification from complex matrices using an automated kit-based approach through the STARWorks for Waters ProteinWorks solution.

Reagents are pre-measured and automation protocols are standardized to streamline the process of sample digestion and subsequent peptide purification. STARWorks for Waters ProteinWorks provides a practical, broadly applicable platform that simplifies the protein bioanalysis workflow and accurately quantifies proteins in serum or plasma.

Features and Benefits

Reproducible and Robust

Verified workstations, optimized scripts, and robust protocols are available for each Waters workflow kit.

Maximized Walk-Away Time

Designed to minimize user intervention both at the bench with reagent prep along with on-system for a fully automated, push-button script.

Top Quality Consumables

STARWorks for Waters proteinworks uses purposefully designed consumables for automation platforms.

Read Waters' Application Note Describing the Features and Benefits of STARWorks for Waters ProteinWorks

Read "Automating Sample Preparation Workflows for Hybrid LC-MS/MS Bioanalysis of Protein Therapeutics: Quantification of Etanercept Using Affinity Purification and Digestion" to learn how the combination of Waters chemistry and Hamilton automation can make your LC-MS/MS workflows more efficient and convenient.


All configurations are based on the Microlab STARlet. For full specifications, download the STARWorks for Waters ProteinWorks brochure.

57.4 in (1459.1 mm)
31.2 in (795 mm)
35.5 in (903 mm)

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