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Fully Automated LC and LC-MS Workflows

Analyzing N-glycan profiles is important in any phase of biotherapeutic development to ensure a quality product.

Streamline your released N-glycan profile analysis with STARWorks for Waters GlycoWorks. This integrated sample preparation system for LC and LC-MS combines Hamilton’s superior liquid handling technology with Waters’ GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS N-glycan kit to provide an easy to use workflow for efficient analysis during R&D, scale-up, and manufacturing.

Features and Benefits

Hamilton Large Liquid Handlers offers various deck configurations and attachments

Verified Automation Platforms for Sample Preparation

Hamilton consumables and automation platforms form a combination of technologies to streamline complicated workflows. Now, combined with Waters application-specific chemistries, the STARWorks for Waters GlycoWorks assay ready workstation allows you to maximize the full potential of automation.

ML STARS pair great with Hamilton's waste consumables and sensors

Kits Designed to Enable Easy Automation on the Microlab STAR Platform

The workstation is configured for easy method implementation and includes base scripts for simple automation deployment or customization.

Glycoworks featured on a Hamilton liquid handler.

Flexible Sample Processing to Alleviate Workflow Challenges

STARWorks for Waters GlycoWorks has methods pre-programmed to support 48 to 96 samples and a normalization feature that accommodates samples of varying protein concentrations.


All configurations are based on the Microlab STARlet. For full specifications, download the STARWorks for Waters ProteinWorks brochure.

44.25 in (1124 mm)
31.2 in (795 mm)
35.5 in (903 mm)

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Waters and Hamilton are combining cutting edge chemistry with powerful automation to save you time in the lab and accelerate your research efforts.

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