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pH (hydrogen ion concentration) and ORP (oxidation reduction potential) are both critical measurement and control parameters for many liquid processes. Hamilton Process Analytics offers a wide selection of pH probe and ORP probe solutions for use in all bioprocesses, as well as many other industries that require high accuracy and reliability from their probes. Hamilton is one of the few manufacturers of process sensors to have multiple pH membrane glass bulb options and reference designs to tailor the probe for the specific application.

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Pre-Pressurized pH & ORP Probes

Designed for measurement in hygienic installations, pre-pressurized pH probes and ORP probes from Hamilton solve the problem of reference poisoning and clogging which shortens the lifespan of standard sensors in many bioprocess applications.

Refillable pH & ORP Probes

Refillable pH probes and ORP probes offer the ability to replenish the reference electrolyte as it is consumed by the process. These probes offer exceptionally long life and stable, accurate measurements in harsh industrial applications.

Polymer-Filled pH Probes

Polymer-filled pH probes and ORP probes offer low maintenance and good chemical resistance for a wide variety of measurement applications such as water treatment, pulp and paper, and other industrial process measurements.

Viscous Liquid-Filled pH ORP Probes

Viscous liquid gel-filled pH and ORP probes provide a suitable upgrade for the entry level electrodes used in many industries. The added viscosity of the electrolyte helps slow the ingress of process contaminants from poisoning the reference element.

Single-Use pH Probes

Hamilton OneFerm single use pH sensors rely on a proven glass electrode design that has been fully tested for gamma sterilization and dry storage.

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