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Hamilton's single-use pH sensors combine the reliability and measurement stability of our long-term proven conventional sensors with the ease of use as an integral part of the bioreactor. The sensors retain the high accuracy performance even after gamma irradiation and a sufficient shelf life making it the ideal single-use solution.

Hamilton single-use sensors can only be purchased by a single-use integrator.

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OneFerm - Traditional

OneFerm pH sensors are offer multiple electrical connector options and sensor lengths to work with most single use bags and bioreactor installations.

OneFerm - Arc

OneFerm Arc Compatible pH Sensors fully integrate with Arc Intelligent sensor technology for data-rich sensor information in single use applications.

Optical vs. Glass: Which is the best technology for single-use pH

The glass pH electrode is widely considered the most robust and reliable device available for pH measurement. Yet, traditional glass sensors are not designed for a single-use environment because they require laborious handling and increased risk of contamination.

While optical technology exists for single-use pH measurement, that technology has not delivered the reliable accuracy that bio-process engineers depend on.

By contrast, Hamilton's single-use OneFerm pH sensors feature the high-accuracy and performance of a traditional glass pH electrode, even after gamma irradiation and dry storage.

Single Use pH Accessories

In addition to sensors, Hamilton offers several single use accessories to simplify installation.

Hamilton single-use sensors are currently only available to integrators such as bag, bioreactor, and downstream skid manufacturers

Bioreactor, bag, and downstream skid manufacturers are encouraged to contact Hamilton to discuss integration opportunities.

End-users at biopharmaceutical companies are encouraged to ask their single-use solution provider if Hamilton sensors are available for their installation.


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