Hamilton and our subsidiaries conduct ourselves towards employees, business partners, owners, and the public with integrity, fairness, and professionalism. We do not tolerate illegal behavior, violations of our Code of Conduct, or generally applicable standards of behavior.

We depend on appropriate reports to consistently implement our values and lawful behavior in the event of irregularities. We want to prevent damage to our company, employees, business partners, and customers in good time.

IntegrityPlus, an independent, external service provider, manages our whistleblowing hotline. Current and former employees, business partners, and customers can report irregularities (e.g., criminal acts, disregard of internal rules, inactivity, negligence, improper behavior, discrimination, mobbing, and violence of any kind) to this hotline, regardless of any confidentiality, loyalty or non‑disclosure obligations.

IntegrityLine (24/7)
tel:+ 41 44 523 15 88
[email protected]