The Right Hamilton Platforms for Your Lab

Choosing a Hamilton automated liquid handling platform sets the foundation for outstanding liquid handling, featuring pipetting optimizations like CO-RE technology and other monitoring tools. Hamilton also supports a full line of consumables and devices to ensure that all automated liquid handling platforms can be customized to achieve the optimal walk-away time for your lab.

microlab prep Hamilton robotics

Microlab Prep

Hamilton's dependable automation technology packed into the smallest footprint in the lineup.
microlab nimbus Hamilton robotics

Microlab NIMBUS

Experience fast, easy to use, and superior quality pipetting in a compact system at an affordable price.
Microlab STAR

Microlab STAR

Accuracy, flexibility, and precision make Hamilton’s Microlab STAR a laboratory asset. Backed by proven technology, the Microlab STAR drives workflow surety.
Hamilton STAR V in a lab

Microlab STAR V

Increase your lab’s efficiency with unprecedented speed, power, and flexibility in a single benchtop platform.
Hamilton consumables microlab vantage

Microlab VANTAGE

The next generation of liquid handling automation, with enhanced performance, increased walk-away time, and optimization capability to ensure that any lab has the best instrument for current and future needs.
Hamilton Consumables offers tips, plates, reagent reservoirs for all your liquid handling needs.

Workflow Consumables

All Hamilton platforms work with a wide variety of consumables to optimize efficiency and throughput in automated workflows. Hamilton consumables are key components that ensure quality results.

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Small devices that can be installed on Hamilton Liquid Handlers

Small Devices

Choose a Hamilton small device to automate more steps in a workflow and increase walk-away time.

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Services and Support

Hamilton is fully staffed to support your robotic pipetting platform from pre-installation through years of service. Nothing should stand in the way of a powerful automation solution in your lab. To learn more about the support services at Hamilton or to request support for your workstation, first choose the platform:

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