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Take your first step into automation with time-tested Hamilton quality. Since our founding more than 70 years ago, Hamilton has been dedicated to developing the highest quality solutions to support scientific research across the globe. The Microlab Prep packs Hamilton’s signature quality and efficiency into a compact workstation that can fit in any lab. The Prep is the solution to make your workflows faster, more precise, and more convenient than ever. Get ready to revolutionize the work in your lab by replacing manual pipetting with the efficiency and accuracy of the Microlab Prep.

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Unsurpassed Performance with Exceptional Pipetting Technology

The Microlab Prep features the same high-quality pipetting technology that you would find on any larger Hamilton liquid handler, including active pipetting monitoring. These technologies ensure that your lab receives best-in-class pipetting, no matter if you are just getting started with automation or highly experienced.


Software as Easy as a Phone App

The Microlab Prep software was designed to be as easy to use as a smartphone. You won’t need a specialty programming language to run a single protocol.

Design New Protocols

Design new protocols by tapping the steps you need from the software in the order you want. Once a protocol is created, easily save it as a favorite and use it again whenever you need.

See Everything About Your Run

At runtime, see everything you need about your run on the software’s run screen, including the time remaining in your protocol, what action the Prep is performing, and what steps remain.

Error Notifications

If any errors unfortunately occur, the Prep immediately notifies you and provides you the necessary actions to fix the problem and continue your run.

Camera-Identified Labware to Yield the Most Efficient Results

Hamilton has been helping innovate the journey of discovery since 1953, and that tradition of innovation is carried forward through the Microlab Prep. New to the Microlab product line, each Prep features a camera mounted to the top of the unit that detects and identifies labware to speed up the entire process. Innovative technology on the Microlab Prep has you covered from start to finish.

Identify Labware Faster

The Prep’s camera-identified labware feature eliminates the need to look through long lists of labware options to find what you need.

Use the Right Labware for the Run

The camera guards you against running a protocol with incorrect labware pieces or placement. The Prep immediately notifies you if there’s an error in the set-up and provides instructions on what needs to be changed.

Devices and Accessories for the Microlab Prep

The Prep supports a full line of devices and accessories to automate even more tasks.


Need to Restock?

Every pipettor needs pipetting tips. Hamilton has a full range of volumes to support pipetting from 0.5 µL to 1 mL on the Prep.


Now and Always: Hamilton Support

The Microlab Prep is supported by a full-featured help center, with knowledge base articles, FAQs, and an easy way to contact Hamilton for help. If you’re new to the workstation or you just want to optimize performance, we can help.


Hamilton: The Measure of Excellence

Like all Hamilton products, the Microlab Prep is engineered to last well into the future, with a focus on staying technologically relevant and operationally sound. Science is a long game, and we think long-term. Whether it’s a custom needle with a quick delivery timeframe, a special length pH sensor, or a comprehensive solution to fully automate your assay workflow, trust that Hamilton’s products will always meet your needs. At Hamilton, we believe it’s our responsibility to continue innovating and refining to support the talented people who rely on our products.

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