Keep processes running smoothly with cables, calibration solutions, controllers, and housings from Hamilton.

Communication and Controllers

Transmitters, controllers, ArcAir software, and Arc Wireless adapters are the tools needed to communicate with sensors for configuration, calibration, documentation and more.
Biopharma sensor housings


Unsure how the sensor will mount into the process? Hamilton offers a variety of static and retractable housings, flow cells, and weld-in sockets to work in many applications.

Liquid Solutions

Hamilton manufactures all of our liquid calibration standards, buffers, and electrolytes in-house. These products are designed specifically for our sensors and offer full traceability and long-term stability.

Sensor Cables

Hamilton’s cables for sensors are the best cables and sensors in the market and offer noise free communication for your sensor cable analytical measurement needs. Let Hamilton help you find the right cable for the right sensor with our bioreactor cable guide today.
OxyGold Membrane Kit

Sensor Maintenance and Parts

Spare parts kits for your cell density, dissolved oxygen, pH/ORP, and conductivity sensors.

Should CO2 Be a Critical Process Parameter?

Download Part 1 of our Dissolved CO2 White Paper Series to learn how implementing real-time control of Carbon Dioxide can impact productivity at R&D and production scale bioreactors.


Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
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    Innovative solutions for process analytics in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.
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    Learn about our control and analytical solutions that are essential to the brewing process.
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