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Noise Free Communication

Hamilton genuine sensor cables offer noise free communication for your analytical measurement. Proper selection of cables includes determining the type of sensor, the type of connection needed at the process control system or bio-reactor, and finally, the appropriate cable length.

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What are Sensor Cables?

Cables for sensors, also known as sensor cables, are specifically constructed to transfer data from a sensor. They are most commonly used in applications that need to measure Arc adapters, oxygen sensor data, polarographic DO sensors, temperature compensation signals, analog sensor output and analog sensor outputs.

A high quality measurement requires a high quality connection to the process control system. Hamilton cables ensure the best possible connection between your sensor and your process control system.

Hamilton’s Cables for Sensors

Traditional Sensor Cables

Cables for traditional pH, ORP, and dissolved oxygen sensors offer a variety of connectors and cable lengths to match your application. The cables can transmit analog sensor output as well as temperature compensation signals.

Arc Sensor Cables

Genuine Hamilton cables for Hamilton Arc sensors come with either Variopin and M12 connectors. These cables are used for direct connection to the control system or bioreactor as well as programming of the Arc sensor.

VisiFerm ECS Sensor Cables

Hamilton VisiFerm ECS DO sensor cables provide power to the sensor, as well as, a conventional nanoAmp (nA) signal recognized by bioreactors that are designed for polarographic DO sensors.

2-Wire Cables

M12 cables for direct connection to 2-wire, 24VDC products such as the VisiFerm mA, VisiTrace mA, and VisiPro Dissolved Oxygen sensors. Open leads for connection to the process control system.

Cell Density Cables

Cables for Hamilton Incyte (a capacitance-based sensor responsive only to living cells) and Dencytee (Pre-Amp) sensors, ArcView Controllers, and ComBox connections.

Memosens Cables

MemoSens Cables with open end wiring allows you to connect your Hamilton MemoSens pH / ORP sensors to transmitters and controllers. MemoSens cables with open ends allow you to connect your Hamilton MemoSens pH / ORP sensors to transmitters and controllers.
Lab Sensors Cables

Lab Sensor Cables

High quality cables for sensors used in the laboratory, with a variety of electrical connectors to retrofit with existing pH / ORP monitors.

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