Hamilton genuine sensor cables offer noise free communication for your analytical measurement. Proper selection of cables includes determining the type of sensor, the type of connection needed at the process control system or bio-reactor, and finally, the appropriate cable length.

Traditional Cables

Cables for traditional pH, ORP, and dissolved oxygen sensors offer a variety of connectors and cable lengths to match your application.
Arc Sensor Cables

Arc Cables

Arc sensors output a robust 4 - 20 mA analog or digital signal. Hamilton offers both powered and non-powered VP8 cables for direct connection to the sensor or M12-8 pin cables for use with the Arc Wi 2G Bluetooth adapter. Arc pH/ORP ECS Adapters will convert the pH signal from digital back to analog for use with bioreactors or transmitters that only accept a conventional pH signal.

VisiFerm ECS

Cables for VisiFerm ECS DO sensors provide power as well as a conventional nanoAmp (nA) signal recognized by bioreactors

M12 4-Pin

M12 4-pole cables for direct connection to VisiPro and VisiTrace Dissolved Oxygen sensors.

Cell Density

Cables for Hamilton Incyte and Dencytee sensors, ArcView Controllers, and ComBox connections.


MemoSens Cables with open end wiring connect your Hamilton MemoSens pH / ORP sensors to transmitters and controllers



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