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Continuous Process Improvement

Hamilton offers the biopharmaceutical industry more measurement parameters and less measurement error, yielding tighter process control

Process Understanding

Hamilton maintains an intense focus on new technologies that address the upcoming needs of our biopharmaceutical customers. Our goal is to provide new online sensing technologies that are robust and provide actionable data to improve process understanding.

Process Improvement

It is not always simple to evaluate new sensor technologies. The cost of performing a validation is second only to the paperwork involved. Hamilton helps with innovations to existing and new parameters that improve reliability and consistency while reducing cost.

Process Control

Bringing offline measurements online provides more data points and results in more accurate monitoring of critical control parameters. Deviations can be addressed in real time resulting in higher product yield.

Get the Most Out of Your Sensors

Schedule a lunch and learn to find out how to benefit from the innovations below. Learn tips and tricks for properly maintaining and calibrating sensors, or dig deeper into specific problems that are being faced at your facility.