Laboratory Equipment Consumables

Hamilton Company laboratory equipment and laboratory products are geared toward the needs of research laboratories pharmaceutical industry.

Lab Equipment Needles

Lab Needles

Reusable 304 stainless steel and specialty needles. Standard needles and quick turn customs from 10 to 34 gauge.
laboratory solutions

HPLC Columns

Pressure and chemical-resistant polymer and silica-based high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) columns.
Hamilton equipment pipettors

Pipettes and Universal Pipette Tips

The SoftGrip manual pipettes are available in 0.2 µL - 1 mL. Utilize the durability of our SoftGrip manual pipettes with a curved ergonomic hilt and comfortable handling, giving Hamilton the most ergonomic pipette in the market.
Hamilton laboratory products

Microlab 600 Diluter Dispenser

Dilution and dispensing systems to improve precision and reduce labor for repetitive analytical tasks.
Hamilton laboratory solutions

GC Septa

High temperature, long life, and low bleed septa for gas chromatography (GC) analysis.
laboratory equipment valves

Valves, Fittings, and Tubing

Complete line of inert PTFE loop and distribution valves with associated tubing, tubing assemblies, and fittings.
Group of Hamilton Glass Syringes

Lab Syringes

Precision glass syringes from 0.5 µL to 2 L for chromatography, life science, and general liquid handling.

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Take the hassle out of syringe needle selection with Hamilton's visual tool to guide you through the selection process.

What are Laboratory Products?

Laboratory products are a broad category of equipment, instruments, and consumable supplies used in scientific research, medical testing, and other laboratory settings. These products include things like lab glassware, chemicals and reagents, lab instrumentation, and lab furniture. They can consist of items for different types of lab work, such as PCR, cell culture, centrifugation, chromatography, spectrophotometry, microscopy, and many more. These products are used to perform experiments, analyze samples, and make accurate measurements. They are essential for various applications, including medical research, drug development, quality control testing, and environmental monitoring.

Additional Resources for Laboratory Equipment

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Lab Equipment Resources

Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
Syringe Custom Built

Work with R&D engineers to customize Hamilton parts

Hamilton's "Custom Built" program puts you directly in contact with a Hamilton R&D Engineer to discuss your application and product needs. The engineer will point you to a standard solution or propose a customized solution to meet your needs.

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