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Hamilton is one of the few sensor providers to make all of our own liquid calibration standards, buffers, and electrolytes in-house. These products are specifically designed to work with our sensor products lines and ensure the highest quality measurement along with full traceability of the reference material during future calibration or maintenance work.

Solution B for Incyte Sensor Calibrations LC

Cell Density Solutions

Liquid validation and calibration standards for setup and verification of Incyte and Dencytee cell density products.
Hamilton pH Buffer Solutions

DuraCal pH Buffers

Patented buffer solutions provide pH stability of up to five years. High buffering capacity provides rapid and stable calibration.

DuraCal ORP Buffers

Hamilton ORP buffers are stable for two years. You can always rely on them even if they have been used.
Conductivity Standards

Conductivity Standards

Stability from 1 to 3 years respectively and conductivity ranges from 1.3 µS/cm to 100 mS/cm

What Makes DuraCal pH and ORP Buffers Different?

pH and ORP liquid buffer solutions can easily be overlooked when it comes to maintaining measurement accuracy. Hamilton DuraCal buffers mitigate these risk of calibration errors through innovative formulation and bottle design. Learn more with the video below.


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