Microlab STARV

Increased Workspace.
Faster Throughput. More Time.

STAR V users benefit from increased workspace with 80 SBS positions and 30% higher throughput giving users more walkaway time.

Microlab STAR V

Multiuse Arm.
Thousands of Possibilities.

Instead of several arms competing for deck access, the Microlab STAR V features one multiuse arm. This arm handles every step along the way from pipetting to processing and transporting.

Integration Flexibility

Hamilton’s STAR V offers users unprecedented flexibility. Access to the back and side panels allows for easy integration of third-party components and devices. STAR V can also easily handle complicated assays requiring multi-step functions.

Powered by
VENUS® Software

Microlab STAR V comes with Hamilton’s VENUS software is designed with the user experience in mind. Programmable and portable for effortless workflow transitions across Hamilton platforms. Powerful enough to handle simple and complex assays. Flexible enough for third-party integrations.