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Viscous liquid gel-filled sensors provide a suitable upgrade for the entry level pH electrodes used in many industries. The added viscosity of the electrolyte helps slow the ingress of process contaminants from poisoning the reference element.


The Hamilton MecoTrode pH sensor is a great choice for industrial measurement applications that involve HF as well as very high and low pH ranges.


General purpose ORP (Redox) sensors for applications in both the laboratory and portable monitoring.
Liq-Glass PG pH sensor


The Liq-Glass PG pH Sensor provides an entry level pH sensor that works well in low temperatures and low conductivity applications.
Easycontrol pH sensor


The EasyControl pH sensor provides an entry level pH sensor that works well in low temperatures and low conductivity applications.
Oxytrode S8 ORP sensor


Designed for basic ORP applications chemical industry and for applications in wastewater treatment.
Easycontrol Orp Sensor

EasyControl ORP

An entry-level sensor for chemical or wastewater applications and low process temperatures. Also suitable for swimming pools and OEM applications.

Download our pH Measurement Guide

pH Measurement Guide

Get a better understanding of pH measurement in Hamilton’s comprehensive pH Measurement Guide. This 68-page booklet is intended for anyone with an interest in pH sensor technology or anyone who needs to implement pH sensors in controlled environments such as laboratories and industrial plants. The guide covers the following essential topics:

  • Definition of pH scale
  • The NERNST equation
  • The pH measurement system and measurement chain characteristics
  • Applications, calibration, and maintenance of Hamilton's pH sensors


Hamilton's knowledge base provides a range of explanatory articles, frequently asked questions, and document downloads.
  • Brochure - BioPharma

    Innovative solutions for process analytics in biotechnological and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Manual - Process pH and ORP - Traditional

    General Process pH and ORP sensor manual for EasyFerm, Polilyte Plus, ChemoTrode, FermoTrode, IonoTrode, MecoTrode, Polilyte Pro, Polyplast Pro, Liq-Glass, and EasyControl products.
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