Hamilton laboratory electrodes are precision instruments known for high quality, long lifetime and remarkable performance in a wide range of applications. The sensors are designed to help with the daily work in GLP environments.

Design offers many advantages

  • All electrodes are printed with an indelible serial number
  • Ergonomic electrode head
  • Proven electrolyte sealing system for the refill opening
  • Blue inner buffer provides visual indication of contact with the pH membrane
  • High-quality seal between electrode head and cable (IP 68)

General Use

Robust combination pH electrodes suitable for daily laboratory use.

Special Use

Electrodes for applications for flat surfaces, small volumes, and those containing fats and proteins.


Replacement electrodes for Knick Portamess as well as plastic body sensors for environmental monitoring.


Pointed tip electrodes for meats and cheeses or other applications containing proteins.

pH Sensor Basics

Want to learn more about the basics of how pH electrodes actually measure? This short video provides an introduction to how this technology works


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