Perfect Match with Hamilton’s Arc Sensors and Small Mobile Bio Reactors

  • Industry: Biotechnology, pharmaceutical technology
  • Applications: Oncologic and Biosimilar Application
  • Hamilton products: Easyferm Bio Arc PHI 120, VISIFERM DO Arc 120 H0, VisiPro DO Ex, Conducell 4USF Arc, Hygienic Socket and FlowCell

INOXTORRES is a company specialized in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and food industry in Barcelona, Spain for over 20 years. With two new business divisions in the pharma environment and products which include preparation reactors and GMP sterilization systems, Inoxtorres requires the advanced techology found in Hamilton Arc sensors.

Figure 1: Mobile Preparation Tanks

INOXTORRES has standardized their preparation reactors for oncologic and biosimilar applications with Hamilton Arc pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen sensors. The Arc System uses stable and reliable Modbus signal to provide direct communication to the process control system directly from the sensor.

In this project, Arc sensors are used in total of 14 preparation tanks, 2 sterile filtration skids and 2 CIP systems, all mobiles and with volumes from 5 to 100 litre, and connected to a standalone automation and control system.

Figure 2: Arc Sensor with Flowcell

Due to the tight space considerations Hamilton sensors provided several unique benefits. Polilyte Plus and Visiferm DO Arc Sensors are mounted upside down in the bottom of the tank to help optimize space requirements for the reactor.

Arc sensors also reduced the size of the control panel since they are directly
connected to the process control system. Bulky transmitters are no longer
needed as calibration and sensor diagnostics are stored within the sensor

Figure 3: Arc Sensors Upside down mounting

Figure 4: Process Control System

Benefits of Arc Sensors

  • Space savings in the control box
  • Reduced upfront costs
  • No transmitter needed
  • High quality product
  • Sensor quality monitoring
  • Robust digital Modbus singals
  • Calibration in the lab
  • Current and historical data to predict sensor life time
  • Sensor diagnostic for simplified troubleshooting

Why Arc?

«With integrated transmitter into the sensor we gain
more space at the measuring point, lower the investment
costs and improve signal stability and reliability.»
Manuel Montiel GMP Process Equipment Manager


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