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Polymer-filled pH sensors provide good longevity and stability in many applications. The viscous electrolyte used as part of the reference design helps to greatly slow down the ingress of process liquids through the diaphragm. The end result is longer sensor life, quicker response, and less error due to poisoning and clogging effects.

Polilyte Plus

Long life and high accuracy in industrial applications such as found in chemical, petrochemical, sugar, microelectronics, and others.

Polilyte Plus ORP

The advantages of polymer electrolyte and single pore junction make this sensor suitable for ORP measurements with strong oxidizers or reducers.


Specially suited for direct mounting in industrial applications with 3/4 and 1" NPT process connections.

Polilyte Pro

Hazardous area approvals, HF resistant glass (pH), polymer electrolyte, and single pore junction these sensors are well suited for waste water and general industrial applications.

Polyplast Pro

The Polyplast Pro has a robust plastic shaft and notched tip to prevent breakage in applications such as water treatment, fish and algae farming.



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