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Over the past few decades, the understanding of biological principles and processes has evolved tremendously. An invaluable contribution towards this gain in knowledge is attributable to advances in genomic research and technologies.
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
approaches, as well as other techniques, have had a fundamental impact on life sciences and many applied fields within our society. But the journey is far from over.

Thanks to Hamilton’s focus and long-standing expertise in automating genomic workflows, we are now stepping into the most advanced application areas. With the Long String STAR V for UHMW DNA extraction, we are now proudly presenting the world’s first automation solution for this process. In conjunction with OGM, you will be able to see what has been hidden for so long.

Imagine your AUTOMATION

Using the Long String STAR V in your laboratory will provide you with the opportunity to extract UHMW DNA easier than ever before with sample throughput surpassing manual capabilities. Get the power to bring your workflow performance to the next level.

Visualize it!

Place the Long String STAR V in your lab with our innovative Augumented Reality feature and see how this state-of-the-art Liquid Handling System fits.

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Together is BETTER

As experts in precision automated liquid handling, Hamilton has partnered with Bionano Genomics to automate the UHMW DNA extraction process. With the ability to reliably extract ultra-long DNA molecules paired with the Bionano Saphyr system, all classes of structural variants are revealed and short-read sequencing blindspots can be unveiled. Together, Long String STAR V and OGM deliver a view that empowers you to overcome challenges and discover more.


Together, we empower the scientific community by accelerating its ability to process a high number of samples in a reliable and reproducible manner. Our aim is to always provide the best possible solution, to elevate our customers.

Take the next step towards answering open questions in genomic analysis, while working efficiently and at scale.


Extract Longer DNA Molecules Easier than Ever Before. Ultra-long DNA is exctracted with magnetic disks, which are covered by a nanostructured silica surface. This enables a high DNA binding capacity and helps to protect the bound DNA from shearing forces.


Optical Genome mapping transforms the view of the genome. Use UHMW DNA to perform OGM for unbiased, genome-wide detection of structural variants across a broad range of research applications.


Intuitive operator interface for easy entry into automation. A range of editors offers simple ways to set up and run your method, with predefined parameters optimized by a team of scientists from both Bionano Genomics and Hamilton.
Long string STAR V with the front opened

The Tool for Novel DISCOVERIES

The Long String STAR V is an Assay Ready Workstation with a standardized hardware configuration for automated magnetic disk handling. The product is suitable for Research Use Only (RUO). It is based on our latest and greatest Microlab STAR V platform and features state-of-the-art CO-RE II pipetting technology, as well as the Hamilton Quad CO-RE Gripper for plate transport steps.

In full control of every step for more Confidence

Hamilton MagRods are specifically designed for optimal
magnetic disk handling. MagRods can be operated with
5 mL CO-RE pipetting channels and therefore offer a
broad range of flexibility.

Everything you need, whenever you need it

Hamilton MagRod Sleeves are manufactured with the
highest precision and are shaped for the best possible
magnetic disk positioning. The perfect fit protects the
MagRods from surrounding liquids and reagents.
Hamilton Elution Strips are used to separate the magnetic
disks from the final UHMW DNA sample by centrifugation.
The disk remains in the strip, while the eluate is drawn into
a microtiter plate.

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Curious about Long String STAR V for Optical Genome Mapping?

Discover the world's first automation solution for Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) DNA extraction. Soon, it gets even better with the upcoming Direct Label and Stain extension kit for full Optical Genome Mapping (OGM) workflow automation. Ready to elevate your OGM workflow with efficiency and reliability?
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Curious about Long String STAR V for Optical Genome Mapping?

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